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About Doug Mael

Doug Mael has been a Certified Professional Clubmaker / Fitter for more than 25 years. He started doing simple re-gripping and re-shafting projects in 1988, and took his first four-day clubmaking class at Golfsmith International in 1989. Shortly thereafter, Doug received Professional Clubmaker (and later Master Professional Clubmaker) certification from the Golf Clubmakers Association. In 1998, Doug was awarded the Distinguished Clubmaker Award from this clubmaking organization. In 2009, Doug became a Charter Member of the International Clubmakers Guild (ICG), the preeminent organization for golf clubmaking and clubfitting certification and training. Doug is also an active member of the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals (AGCP).

Over the past two-plus decades, Doug has performed virtually every type of clubfitting and clubmakingjob for golfers of all ages and abilities, including touring and club professionals, and professional athletes from the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB. He has also done fittings and built golf clubs for beginner-level golfers as young as 9 years old. During a four-year stint working for Golfsmith International, Doug taught clubmaking classes to more than 100 hobbyists and a few who became Professional Clubmakers, as well.

About Doug's Custom Clubs

Since its founding in 1988 by Professional Clubmaker / Fitter Douglas (Doug) Mael, Doug's Custom Clubs has served the golf equipment needs of hundreds -- possibly thousands -- of golfers. Satisfied customers include a wide range of golfers, from youth and adult beginners to touring professionals. Services provided by Doug's Custom Clubs include: swing analysis leading to custom clubfitting, professional clubmaking to fit the golfer's individual swing characteristics, club customization and modification, and a variety of club repairs. Having affiliations and dealer relationships with a variety of major golf equipment and component companies, a wide array of custom fitting options are available to golfers of all abilities. Doug is also highly experienced and accomplished in the art of custom wedge grinding to fit the golfers' short game needs.

In 2013, Doug formed an affiliation with Tour Quality Golf, an Oklahoma-based clubmaking/clubfitting organization specializing in premium Tour-level and Tour-issued golf equipment and components. This affiliation enables Doug's Custom Clubs to offer its customers a broad range of golf equipment that is normally available only to the world's best professional golfers.

Due to its long-standing business relationships with leading golf equipment and component companies, Doug's Custom Clubs is able to offer multiple clubfitting options. Clubheads, shafts, and grips are available from many major suppliers, including:

· Scratch Golf - including full custom options and Tour Custom clubs plus Scratch Forged Fit Wedges
· UST Mamiya TourSPX Fitting Center plus all UST Mamiya shaft models
· ACCRA Golf Tour-Z Fitting Studio (plus all other ACCRA shaft lines)
· Fujikura Composites Charter Dealer
· Mitsubishi Rayon Shaft Dealer/Installer
· KBS Certified Shaft Fitting Center (Masters Level Certification)
· AXE XCaliber Shafts Dealer/Distributor
· Aerotech/SteelFiber/Powercoil shafts - all models
· Tom Wishon Golf Technologies (Wishon Golf)
· Ralph Maltby's GolfWorks
· Golfsmith International
· Hireko Golf/Dynacraft
·... and many others

As a preferred-level trade dealer for many of these golf component and equipment companies, Doug's Custom Clubs is able to offer competitive pricing. However, this business is not about discount prices. No matter how much money you might save, an ill-fitting golf club or set of clubs is never a bargain! Above all else, Doug's Custom Clubs has one objective -- to provide superior golf clubs that fit the individual golfer and that golfer's swing to the maximum extent possible, resulting in a satisfied golfer who enjoys his or her game of golf thanks to properly-fitted equipment! This is the "Mission Statement" of Doug's Custom Clubs, plain and simple.

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